I’m a freelance writer and editor with a law degree in my back pocket and a few old fortunes   reminding me to pursue my dreams. (Every girl needs some motivation.)

Growing up in the capital of pizza and bagels (yes, my life does revolve around food, and Whole Foods is my Disney World), I had a pretty standard childhood. Without drama or scandals to fuel my writing, I learned to rely on my imagination and insatiable curiosity to carry me through my early attempts at poetry and fiction writing. They are now familiar companions.

I landed in Virginia for college where I pursued a BA in English at Mary Washington College. But the big city wasn’t safe for long. I set my sights on law school — a “practical” use for my writing — and graduated from Columbia Law with my JD. From there, I began work as a litigator at a large New York law firm, where I honed my analytical, critical thinking, and — you guessed it — writing skills.

I’m not one of those “recovering lawyers,” who sprinted away from a law firm and never looked back. I enjoyed the challenge of practicing law and learned from phenomenal attorneys. But I realized that I wanted to write full time, and I decided to go for it. (Those darn fortunes wouldn’t stop taunting me every time I ordered in, which is a lot when you work at a big firm.)

So I traded my suit and office overlooking the Hudson for my laptop and yoga pants. Since leaving the firm, I’ve worked as a writer and editor and am currently a freelancer. I focus on a range of topics, such as lifestyle, women’s issues, the legal industry, education and the wine industry. My experience includes blogging, managing web content, magazine and journal writing, creating press materials and engaging in social media, and my work has appeared in media like The Huffington Post, Vault.com, The Association of Legal Administrator’s “Legal Management,” and more (click here to see my portfolio).

I’m also a passionate creative writer and can’t think of a better place to be than lost in a story (except, of course, the Four Seasons Maui, which is literally heaven).

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